Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is It Really Frugal?

I was thrilled and full of excitement when DH handed me the grocery list and saw that he had saved a nice chunk of the bill using coupons with his shopper's card. Not all the coupons were able to be doubled, and we didn't have a coupon for everything we needed.

He brought home:
  1. 12 boxes/bags of cereal
  2. 10 boxes frozen veggies
  3. 15 ct. Totinos Pizza Rolls
  4. 6 pk. Yoplait Yogurt
  5. Coffemate Creme Brule
  6. Betty Crocker Potatoes
  7. Fiskies Cat Food
  8. 2 boxes Taco Shells
  9. Bisquick
  10. Hellman's Mayo
  11. 2 Bottles Hoagie Spread
  12. 2 Bunches Celery
Everything came to a total of $27.99 (including tax). I can't remember when we got so many things for under $30! With everything he brought home, the only thing I wouldn't have purchased would have been the Bisquick, Totinos and the Betty Crocker Potatoes. With coupons, though, the Bisquick came out cheaper than I could make it, the Totinos were free as well as the BC Potatoes.

So did I sell out to use coupons? I don't know. I'm on the fence if I'm giving my family healthy items. The cereal was things like Cheerios and not sugar cereals. Am I cutting back where I shouldn't? I struggle with this one, as we've been doing scratch items for so long, but the price of items to cook from scratch has gotten so high these days. I'm on the fence on this one.

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