Saturday, March 15, 2008

Long Week

DD fell and ended up with quite a few stitches in her chin - 6 inside and 8 outside. Poor thing. But the best part was how she fell and how she made the doctors and nurses laugh and tease her while she was getting medical care.

You see, our DD loves science and is fascinated with biology and has been so thrilled with dissection. Seriously - she loves to dissect things. So when she saw the Discovery channel had a special on the Human Body, she just HAD to watch it. She watches all the operations and anything gross - well, she's in front of it. (Mind you, she's a teen, so she's old enough.) Well, this particular program was on the mind and pain, and it went into detail about a woman who had fallen in the wilderness, broken many bones, and how her mind had blocked out the pain to allow her to get help. That did it. DD ended up passing out and ripping her chin open as she fell face forward on her way back to the bathroom. We had no idea she was getting woosey - until we heard the crash.

We spent all night in the emergency room, and the medical staff was amazed that this was her first time ever in the ER - and better yet, for an injury that a toddler would get. Then when she told the story of how she passed out and got the cut, they had a great time teasing her. The dr. gave her orders she is no longer allowed to watch the Discovery Channel, except when it involves animals. Then he said that he's giving her strict medical orders to only watch comedies and animal shows on TV - period.

She laughs about it - but that night I know she was scared. The humor certainly helped her - and the staff was great to her. Now, we just need to wait to see what kind of a scar she will have.

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